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Durres & Golem

This direction leads to the most popular beach resort of Albania , exhibiting a wide bay 5 km long. You can stroll , jog or swim along this sandy beach . Local boys sell drinks and refreshment on the beach. You can find also other facilities such as restaurants , fast - foods , accommodation etc. The depth of water increases gradually and it is excellent for children. The beach is used also on a daily basis by the inhabitants of Tirana and Elbasan. The beach of Golem is in the southern part of Shkembi i Kavajes. It is also a sandy beach over headed by dense pine forest. You can find a wide range of facilities.

Vlora Bay

There are two beaches in this area. The first one is "the old beach " located in the north of the city . Sandy , shallow waters in Adriatic sea with good conditions for children.
The next is " new beach " located in the south of Vlora until the end of the bay. A Rocky and panoramic beach with crystal and deep waters is admired by everyone.
There are different facilities including hotels, restaurants, water sports etc.


It is one the most well known beach resorts in Albania , characterized by small beaches near the town . There are rocky beaches with good quality of water. At the south of Saranda there is Ksamili beach . In front of the beach there are four small islets covered by dense evergreen mediterrean vegetation.
In Saranda and Ksamil the visitor can find different facilities , which include restaurants, fast -foods, discos, hotels etc.

Albanian Riviera
Extends from Vlora to Saranda. There are numerous beaches and panoramic villages on the slopes of mountains . The well known beaches of Palasa, Dhermiu, Jala, Spilea, Qeparoi, Borshi, Lukova are undoubtly the best in Albania . Deep and very clean water with good possibilities for diving and swimming remains the last untouched beaches in all Mediterranean.

No to much hotels , but the local population of Dhermiu, Vunoi, Himara, Qeparoi and Borshi offers their houses for the guests. They provide for the visitors delicious local food.